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FGPC Dragon Flyers

  • Coach: Andrea Pleven
  • Captain: Sandra Der
  • Co-Captains: Aaron Hurlburt and Claire Negrich

Team goals and a brief description of what the team is all about:

  • Dragon Flyers is a Fifth year team that is dedicated to fitness, technique and moving up in the rankings! We provide a welcoming environment, with the opportunity to meet other dedicated people who want to have fun, get fit and learn a new skill. Plus we have one team social once a month. We are a mixed team, ranging in ages from 30-60. Our focus is split between improving physical fitness, improving technical paddling skills and having a vibrant social network on the side. Dragon Flyers is a fun team that wants to train hard and go fast!

Practice times:

  • Mondays and Wednesdays from 5.30-7pm

Season races and goal race:

  • Gorge Super Sprints
  • Nanaimo Dragonboat Festival
  • Gorge Fest
  • Victoria Dragonboat Festival (goal race)


We are looking for dedicated paddlers with a great attitude who want to improve themselves while contributing to a great team environment.

Interested in coming out to paddle with the Dragon Flyers? Contact the club for the team’s phone and email information.