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Paddler Exchange Program

Are you buying or selling a paddle or other paddling item? The paddles exchange service is a free and easy to use system.

To sell a paddle or other item:

Simply fill out our easy to use form with your contact information, details about the paddle (make, type, size) or other item (select “not applicable” for make, type, and size if not a paddle) as well as the price.  Your information will be automatically loaded onto the Paddles and Other Items for Sale page from which, paddlers may browse at their leisure.  To keep your personal information secure, if someone wishes to buy your item, they can then contact the office, and their contact information will then be provided to you to make arrangements with the buyer at your leisure.

To access the form, click here.

To buy a paddle or other itembrowse the selection available here.  If you wish to purchase one of the items listed, please contact the office.  We’ll connect you.

Office Contact:

Email: info@fgpaddle.com
Telephone: 778.432.3472