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Buy a Paddle (or other paddling stuff)

To buy a paddle or related item, browse the selection below.  If you wish to purchase one of the items listed, please contact the office.  We’ll connect you.

Office Contact:

Email: info@fgpaddle.com
Telephone: 778.432.3472

Type Of Paddle
Brand Of Paddle
Other Paddle Brand
Condition Of Paddle
Additional Information
9/13/2014 14:59:24Outrigger Steering CarbonViper50.0Excellent$280.00Big, lightweight performance steering blade.
9/13/2014 16:42:36Outrigger Steering HybridKialoa50.0Good$180.00Good strong biscuit steering blade. Edges have been repaired. Great blade.
10/28/2014 12:57:10Other (describe below)Other (describe below)Concept 2Excellent$550.00I have Concept C Model D Indoor Rower for sale (like new condition)
Details of this unit at

2/14/2015 9:26:02Dragonboat HybridKialoa45.0Excellent$175.00Used for less than one season
3/24/2015 20:46:21Outrigger HybridKialoa51.0Excellent$200.00
6/4/2015 18:01:05Outrigger CarbonOther (describe below)Braca-sport51.0Good$100.00Decent condition Brača Canoe Outrigger is a lightweight, durable carbon paddle, modelled on a classic Hawaiian design. Has had many seasons of outrigger. Surface and edges of blade are scuffed but still enters water for a good catch!
7/12/2015 19:49:31Dragonboat WoodenGrey Owl46.0As New$40.00Only used once.
9/13/2015 7:51:07Not applicableNot applicablenot applicable$60.00Hydroskin (Titanium) neoprene full length pants. Women's large. $60

Many dry-fit and rashguard tops short and long sleeve, $5-$10 each, Women's L & XL.

Coldwater Ohana (Comp Program) uniform tops, $20 each, 2 Women's L long sleeve (approx same fit). Must be in Comp program to purchase these.
1/26/2016 14:51:20Dragonboat WoodenGrey Owl48.0Excellent$30.00Wooden 48 inch Grey Owl Paddle
excellent condition
Low paddling mileage
4/22/2016 13:16:25Outrigger WoodOther (describe below)Pure51.0Excellent$240.00Pure Paddle for sale, in good / excellent condition. Purchased two years ago with little use on it.
1/5/2018 15:39:21Other (describe below)Other (describe below)HUKInot applicable$4,400.00Huki V1-X OC-1, fibreglass with carbon cockpit, white top, lime green bottom, reinforced seams, lots of accessories. More Info: http://l3web.ca/huki/
1/17/2018 11:36:34Outrigger HybridXylo51Excellent$275.00This paddle by Xylo Bladz is light (15 ounce) and has a strip of carbon fiber laminated into the shaft for extra strength. Blade is 18" x 9 1/4" (Xylo's P2 shape) and is protected by "Tuff Stuff" around the edges. T-top handle.
3/14/2018 20:55:35Not applicableNot applicableExcellent$100.00Vaikobi PFD size XL yellow and grey
5/9/2018 17:18:42Not applicableNot applicablenot applicable$35.00Sharkskin Shortpants , Medium size - more info @ https://sharkskin.com.au/gender/mens
4/3/2019 10:00:30Not applicableOther (describe below)2 dragon boat paddle racks - FREEnot applicable0These racks belong to Snogard Dragons, but we no longer need them, so they are looking for a good home. I can send a photo if you are interested!
4/4/2019 11:27:39Not applicableNot applicableXCEL Infiniti QD 8.0 neoprene booties, Size 10As New50Worn probably only twice, they are too small for me.
4/16/2019 11:18:02Dragonboat CarbonOther (describe below)Apex48As New225Includes DB saddle
4/16/2019 11:19:50Dragonboat CarbonOther (describe below)Apex49Excellent200Includes DB saddle
10/25/2019 10:11:22Not applicableNot applicableXCELL 8mm neoprene booties, size 10not applicable50Booties worn twice, they are too small for me, in new condition