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FGPC’s 2021 49th Parallel Global Paddle Challenge

Real gold, real silver, a chance to paddle around the world, and join in the battle against COVID-19.

Although the global pandemic has put international paddling trips on hold, we’re happy to host an unparalleled new world-wide paddling challenge.

Fairway Gorge Paddling Club and partnering clubs and paddlers have paddled on a cross-Canada virtual voyage all the way from Victoria to Fogo Island, Newfoundland, traveling more than 6,500 kilometres in the process.

With that success in mind, we’re launching a new challenge: to continue paddling east along the 49th parallel around the entire circumference of the globe until we reach Vancouver Island again.

The distance? A little more than 20,000 kilometres remain after crossing Canada’s 6500km distance. Our first major eastward bound destination is Paris, France, just a few kilometres from the 49th parallel.

To add incentive, Fairway Gorge will award solid gold and silver 2021 coins courtesy of the Royal Canadian Mint to the top male and female paddlers by distance. The male and female paddlers with the third-longest distances will also be awarded commemorative 2021 RCM coins.

Half of the registration fees from all participants will go to the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. The balance of net proceeds will be directed to clubs registering for the 49th Parallel challenge.

All paddling or erging distances can be included, including GPS-logged solo and double distances, kayaks and SUPs, logged ERG sessions and OC6 and dragon boat distances if Canadian crew boat training opens up before we reach our round-the-world finish line (Victoria BC).

Note: Two separate registrations are required for any double boats (for example OC2, M2, etc.)

If your club would like to officially participate in the Global Paddle Challenge as a fundraiser, please email your request to info@fgpaddle.com with the words “Global Paddle Challenge” in the subject line. 50% of new registration fees will be going to the World Health Organization’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund and 50% to a new participant’s home paddling club*

CLICK HERE to register

*less a small credit card processing fee.

List of Participants

First Name
Last Name
Associated Club
Current Meters Paddled
TinaCheungFemaleEvolution Paddling Club189,735
MarianneInternicolaFemaleEvolution Paddling Club155,520
LouisLowMaleEvolution Paddling Club277,061
MirjaRaitaFemaleEvolution Paddling Club24,000
MichaelSimMaleEvolution Paddling Club370,410
ForuzanVeiljiFemaleEvolution Paddling Club18,710
PaulAgateMaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club195,160
ErikAgesMaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club82,440
JanetBrightFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club24,293
PaulBucciMaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club151,760
DonCarlsonMaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club309,150
MeganCarsonFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club72,890
CarlaCoghlanFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club124,820
ShirleyCurtisFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club87,110
TerryCurtisMaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club0
NadineEnglehartFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club82,202
LeslieEwartFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club52,245
CraigFergusonMaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club97,467
NoreenFrischFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club37,125
HeatherHallidayFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club49,310
Meg Harrigan-LeeFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club54,583
TaraHastingsFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club171,850
WendyIsdahlFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club173,419
JanosKovacsMaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club62,530
PennyLedouxFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club121,559
RickLindenMaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club16,080
KimPoitrasFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club0
MurrayRichmondMaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club17,340
LisaRossFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club0
YvonneSharpeFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club172,331
DaleWolowiczFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club191,124
LynneYoungFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club79,182
WendyYoungFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club121,500
NoraChunFemaleFalse Creek Racing Canoe Club98,650
GaryCohenMaleFalse Creek Racing Canoe Club142,868
NicoleHofsFemaleFalse Creek Racing Canoe Club176,410
AmandaHuntFemaleFalse Creek Racing Canoe Club202,609
KarenLutzFemaleFalse Creek Racing Canoe Club130,640
CatherineMarrFemaleFalse Creek Racing Canoe Club18,620
KatReidFemaleFalse Creek Racing Canoe Club36,230
BobAndersonMaleFort Langley Canoe Club82,760
CherylBublitzFemaleFort Langley Canoe Club167,510
BelindaBurkeFemaleFort Langley Canoe Club141,060
MareCoxFemaleFort Langley Canoe Club165,320
SueHillierFemaleFort Langley Canoe Club223,010
BrendaHoffmanFemaleFort Langley Canoe Club101,000
DavidLongmanMaleFort Langley Canoe Club136,153
IngridRennieFemaleFort Langley Canoe Club154,569
PamSutherlandFemaleFort Langley Canoe Club110,000
JonathanWilkinsMaleFort Langley Canoe Club254,277