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FGPC’s 2021 49th Parallel Global Paddle Challenge

33,342 kilometres paddled

One of the greatest joys of 2021 was to see how paddlers across Canada took to their boats, their rowing machines and their ergs to paddle on a virtual voyage from Victoria to Fogo Island, Newfoundland, and then around the world along the 49th Parallel.

The voyage continued all the way across the Atlantic Ocean, Europe, Asia, the Pacific Ocean and back to Victoria.

Athletes paddled a combined 33,342 kilometres to compete for gold & silver coins from the Royal Canadian Mint (for first and second placements only).

Top athletes overall were:

Michael Sim Evolution Paddle Club, Top Male – Gold: 2,038,909 metres

Mirja Raita Evolution Paddle Club, Top Female – Gold: 1,725,583 metres

Louis Low Evolution Paddle Club, Male – Silver: 1,774,749 metres

Foruzan Velji Evolution Paddle Club, Female – Silver: 1,404,412 metres

Jonathan Wilkins Fort Langley Canoe Club, Male – 3rd Place Mention: 1,518,422

Tina Cheung Evolution Paddling Club, Female – 3rd Place Mention: 1,149,092 metres

Current Kilometres Paddled: 26,260.422

Including XCanada Paddle: 33,342.061

Click here to watch the Celebration of the Cross-Canada Super Paddler Series, held on March 31, 2021

Top Fairway Gorge Paddling Club Athletes

Don Carlson Fairway Gorge Paddling Club, Top Male – Gold: 1,917,939 metres

Tara Hastings Fairway Gorge Paddling Club, Top Female – Gold: 616,810 metres

Dale Wolowicz Fairway Gorge Paddling Club, Female – Silver: 568,992 metres

Paul Agate Fairway Gorge Paddling Club, Male – Silver: 538,047 metres

Yvonne Sharpe Fairway Gorge Paddling Club, Female – 3rd Place Mention: 561,871 metres

Erik Ages Fairway Gorge Paddling Club, Male – 3rd Place Mention: 493,410 metres

We have another winner! Participants in the 49th Parallel Challenge were included in a random draw for a work of art contributed by Alberta artist, coach and paddler Lauria MacDougall. The winner of this donated work to FGPC’s 49th Parallel event is paddler Nora Chun from the False Creek Canoe Racing Club in Vancouver Canada. Congratulations, Nora!

List of Participants

First Name
Last Name
Associated Club
Current Meters Paddled
MichaelSimMaleEvolution Paddling Club2,038,909
DonCarlsonMaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club1,917,939
LouisLowMaleEvolution Paddling Club1,774,749
MirjaRaitaFemaleEvolution Paddling Club1,725,583
JonathanWilkinsMaleFort Langley Canoe Club1,518,422
ForuzanVeljiFemaleEvolution Paddling Club1,404,412
TinaCheungFemaleEvolution Paddling Club1,149,092
SueHillierFemaleFort Langley Canoe Club1,026,500
NicoleHofsFemaleFalse Creek Racing Canoe Club675,920
MareCoxFemaleFort Langley Canoe Club656,710
MarianneInternicolaFemaleEvolution Paddling Club619,001
TaraHastingsFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club616,810
DaleWolowiczFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club568,992
YvonneSharpeFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club561,871
DavidLongmanMaleFort Langley Canoe Club556,970
PaulAgateMaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club538,047
LynneYoungFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club494,162
WendyIsdahlFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club494,089
ErikAgesMaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club493,410
AmandaHuntFemaleFalse Creek Racing Canoe Club484,650
CarlaCoghlanFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club445,643
PennyLedouxFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club420,508
WendyYoungFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club374,794
GaryCohenMaleFalse Creek Racing Canoe Club369,430
CraigFergusonMaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club359,108
CherylBublitzFemaleFort Langley Canoe Club356,220
NadineEnglehartFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club331,142
PamSutherlandFemaleFort Langley Canoe Club306,626
HeatherHallidayFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club272,970
KarenLutzFemaleFalse Creek Racing Canoe Club258,450
BrendaHoffmanFemaleFort Langley Canoe Club248,360
IngridRennieFemaleFort Langley Canoe Club240,774
ShirleyCurtisFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club231,370
LeslieEwartFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club230,652
JanosKovacsMaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club229,340
NoraChunFemaleFalse Creek Racing Canoe Club222,740
NoreenFrischFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club219,862
BobAndersonMaleFort Langley Canoe Club204,796
MeganCarsonFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club196,300
PaulBucciMaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club188,520
MurrayRichmondMaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club186,873
BelindaBurkeFemaleFort Langley Canoe Club152,760
LauriaMacDougallFemaleEdmonton Dragon Boat Racing Club151,269
JanetBrightFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club149,226
MaryRowlesFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club130,828
Meg Harrigan-LeeFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club102,122
RickLindenMaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club84,940
KatReidFemaleFalse Creek Racing Canoe Club36,230
CatherineMarrFemaleFalse Creek Racing Canoe Club18,620
ConnieGrossFemaleDragon Boat Association of Southern Alberta0
RominaSennekerFemaleDragon Boat Association of Southern Alberta0
TerryCurtisMaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club0
KimPoitrasFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club0
LisaRossFemaleFairway Gorge Paddling Club0