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FGPC Wetdashe 2021

Welcome to the 10th annual FGPC Wetdashe, November 13th and 14th, 2021

Location: Fairway Gorge Paddling Club (FGPC), 2940 Jutland Road, Victoria BC

Race Distance: 12km – 4-Lap Short Course / 24km – 8-Lap / 48km – 16 lap and 96km -16 lap (running concurrently based on advance crew registrations for one of these three distances). 

Race Categories: Mixed (no less than three women must be in the canoe at any one time); non-compliant gendered crews can race as exhibition (e.g. all-male crews or crews with over-quota males can apply to register as exhibition and race along with mixed crews with results logged in an “exhibition” category with no awards)

Boats: Spec Boats Only. Boats are supplied to registered teams by FGPC. Our thanks to local clubs, including FGPC, ORPC, VIP and VCKC for contributing crew boats for this event. Please help us treat these donated canoes with care.  

Grid assignments/start positions may change on race days. Boat allocations will be confirmed on race day. 

Make Every Second Count: Wetdashe Men’s Health Fund: Both competitors and supporters can help Wetdashe 2021 participants “make every second count.” This year’s Wetdashe Challenge offers added excitement by inviting friends, family and communities to participate: by contributing pledges, supporters can “add speed” to teams and individual competitors by donating to the BC Cancer Foundation’s Wetdashe Men’s Health Fund. Money raised through supporters’ pledges is directed to the BC Cancer Agency’s research and clinical development of “PSMA prostate scanning technology,” an advanced prostate cancer diagnostic that results in better outcomes men affected by prostate cancer. For every $10 donated to the Wetdashe Men’s Health Fund, a 1-second advantage is added to the scores of chosen teams and paddlers. Please join individual and cohort athletes and their supporting communities across BC to “make every second count” for men’s health through the work of the BC Cancer Agency. Contribution instructions for pledges and time credits (1 second per $10 dollars) will be provided to participants once their registrations are complete.

Donations open November 1 and close November 12 at midnight. Check back here for details and donation link.

Race Formats

  • CHEVRON: Short Course 12km (4 x 3km laps) (running concurrently with 24km)
  • HANDLEBAR: Long Course 24km (8 x 3km laps) (running concurrently with 12km)
  • WALRUS: 2 x Short or Long Course (spread across either one or two days, with afternoon / morning sections of your crew’s choice)
  • IMPERIAL: 4 x Long Course Only (morning and afternoon spread across two days)
  • Crews are comprised of mixed gender crews; note that roster compliance is mandatory for the sake of fair play; rosters can not be amended after registrations have closed. Spares may be permitted for multiple entries (e.g. Walrus and Imperial entries) by means of advance registration and supplementary payments (which include tech race shirts if ordered before 1 November)
  • No less than 3 women must be in racing boats at all times, unless exhibition status has been granted by the race director
  • Start crews will be released at 1 minute intervals from held positions on the dock
  • Race course and rules will be reviewed at steers’ meetings held before the start of each heat
  • A race map is attached to this information package
  • Full crew changes must occur on the dock after each lap; a pre-assigned paddler will be required to pass the baton to his replacement seatmate after each lap. 
  • Water marshals will be stationed at each buoy, and dock attendants will be at each dockside loading station to direct canoe traffic / loading; time penalties (10 seconds to 1 minute) will be assessed for teams who do not follow water and dock marshal instructions
  • Results will be based on total accumulated time, but lap times will be published after the event. 

Each pre-registered paddler will be provided with a “tech” Wetdashe paddling shirt, with pre-ordered sizing or assigned sizing based on roster numbers (and depending on if you provided sizing before production deadline of 1 November). FGPC will not provide shirt exchanges or race shirt returns,but crews can arrange to swap shirts between paddlers as they wish. 

Awards and prizes will be distributed after each heat. Prizes will be allocated by random draw.

Registration for the 2021 Wetdashe event will open in April 2021.