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Dragon Boat Training


FGPC’s 2020 and 2021 summer seasons are affected by COVID-19, and program changes should be expected. CLICK HERE for details about how FGPC is addressing programs and events for the coming season.

DRAGON BOAT TEAMS AND EVENTS FORM THE CORE of paddling programs at the Fairway Gorge Paddling Club (FGPC).

Programming will resume once we reach Phase 4 of the current Pandemic.

FGPC Club-Sponsored Dragon Boat Teams

Teams consist of 20 or more paddlers, with provision for “spares,” a steersperson, a coach and a drummer. Practices are 1.5 hours in length. All teams are encouraged to participate in dragon boat festivals, and some festival entries are included with club-sponsored teams. We provide club-sponsored teams with coaches, steering assistance and administrative support including flexible paddler payment options, fundraising opportunities, festival registrations and inter- and intra-team communications systems.

Click here for more information about FGPC Club-Sponsored Dragon Boat Teams.

Novice Paddlers:

FGPC offers novice, recreational and competitive dragon boat and outrigger programs

For people new to paddling, we have novice and recreational programs with coaches trained to keep you challenged and motivated to participate in paddling sports and improve you technique and enjoyment on the water, both as individuals and as members of teams.

“Greenhorn Dragons” Dragon Boat Program

Fairway Gorge Paddling Club (FGPC) offers 4-week programs for people from 13 to 99 to train in dragon boats in safe, fun, coached programs that take paddlers from novice to race-ready. Have fun and get a great workout on the beautiful Gorge Waterway.

Click here for more information.

Multisport Junior Paddling Program

Fairway Gorge Paddling Club (FGPC) is excited to introduce a Paddle Sports program just for junior youth this summer! Open to everyone aged 12­ to 18 the FGPC Multisport Junior Paddling program will focus on teamwork, and the fundamentals of dragon boat and outrigger canoe paddling. Guided by enthusiastic and qualified staff this program will engage youth in a fun, safe and supportive learning environment to give them valuable life skills both on and off the water.

Click here for more information and to register.

Experienced Paddlers:

If you’re an experienced paddler, we offer a range of recreational, intermediate and competitive programs for aspiring and experienced athletes of all ages.

NEW  FGPC now offers competitive dragon boat and outrigger programs for open, masters and senior age classes. These competitive programs enjoy facility and program front-of-the-line conveniences and staff support that FGPC contributes so that paddlers can focus their attention on performance, from season to season and from start to finish. FGPC plays a partnership role in the commitment to training and results demonstrated by these competitive teams:

Dragon Boat Racing Programs

OPEN division: FGPC Rebel Alliance
MASTERS division: FGPC Hornets
SENIOR division: FGPC Momentum

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Winter/Summer Supplemental  Dragon Boat Training


For those of you who want to get in an extra practice, our popular year-round “winter/summer” dragon boat program will be running during the winter season from September through March and again beginning April through August this summer.

Click Here for more information about the Winter/Summer Dragon Boat.