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Knowledge Centre

Welcome to the Fairway Gorge Paddling Club’s Knowledge Centre, a place for paddlers to find out more about the paddling community around the world, including the history of dragon boating and FGPC’s place in it, a collection of our expert videos, and stories about ourselves.

This section will evolve over time, so we recommend that you check back regularly to see new content.

Expert Paddler Series:

No matter who you are as an athlete or where you are in your journey as a paddler, making sure that you have the correct foundations will not only make you faster and stronger on the water, it can also help prevent injuries over time.

Coach Marcus Krieger, FGPC’s core paddling and group programs coordinator, is producing a series of videos and technical articles that will cover paddling fundamentals and eventually progress to advanced and expert levels. 

Episode 1: Body Posture

One of the more important parts of the power stroke is the foundation, which, if you think about it, is like the foundation of a house. Everything has to be strong and in its right position, or things can break and fall apart.
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Episode 2: Body Frame and Arm Position

In addition to body posture, it’s super important to have the proper grip and arm position. In terms of arm position, you want to make sure that you have a nice open frame with correct upper and lower arm positions.
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Episode 3: Proper Hand Position on an Outrigger Paddle

Paddle grip is vitally important. You want to have a solid grip on the paddle for both your upper and lower arms. In addition, you want to avoid certain “tricks” or bad habits.
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Episode 4: Shoulder strength and Mobility

Your shoulders take a lot of pressure when paddling, and shoulder injuries can be debilitating for paddlers. Remarkably, however, a little preventive work goes an incredibly long way when it comes to dealing with potential shoulder issues, and the equipment needed in its most simplest form can probably be accessed from your kitchen.
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History of Dragon Boating and FGPC’s place in it

In this piece about dragon boating, you’ll learn about its ancient roots, its development in Canada, and how FGPC continues to contribute to the sport world-wide.
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In this series of paddlers’ stories, compiled as part of FGPC’s 2021 calendar project, you’ll see remarkable stories about sone of the people and the paddlers in our club and elsewhere.
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