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We can all win with FGPC’s ‘Make Every Second Count Campaign’ for BC Cancer

Competitors, supporters and donors who want to aid in the fight against cancer and help teams go for gold at a new series of Vancouver Island dragon boat races can now do both! 

Similar to the Fairway Gorge Paddling Club’s annual Wetdashe event, by donating to the BC Cancer Foundation through the Vancouver Island Dragon Boat Race Series’ ‘Make Every Second Count Campaign’, teams can “add speed” by shaving off one-second from their total time in special championship heats for every $1,000 raised.

Races and regattas:
Hosted by Victoria’s Fairway Gorge Paddling Club, the new 2022 Vancouver Island Dragon Boat Race Series features five regattas in Victoria, Nanaimo and Comox:

Gorge Super Sprints: May 14 (Victoria)
Comox Dragon Boat Festival: June 11
Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival: July 9-10
Vancouver Island International Dragon Boat Festival: August 6-7 (Victoria)
Guts-&-Glory Championships: September 17 (Victoria)

Competitors and supporters can help dragon boat teams “add speed” in single events, single festivals or multiple regattas by raising donations through pledges in advance of each festival. The Vancouver Island Dragon Boat Race Series’ ‘Make Every Second Count Campaign’ will incorporate a special race for top fundraising teams at each of the island’s five festivals, at which each team’s cumulative fundraising totals will be applied to the finish-line results. An FGPC-sponsored ‘Make Every Second Count Campaign’ trophy will be awarded at the end of the race season to the top fundraising and first-to-finish team.

Funds raised in the ‘Make Every Second Count Campaign’ will be used to benefit everyone in B.C. touched by cancer, with a special focus on Vancouver Island.

How can I get involved?
Paddlers and supporters can donate to teams or team members throughout the 2022 dragon boat season. Each event will have a deadline for donations (see below), and all donations are cumulative throughout the season.

For every $1,000 in donations allocated to a team or paddler by supporters, friends and families to the Vancouver Island Dragon Boat Race Series’ ‘Make Every Second Count Campaign’, a one-second advantage is added to the finish-line results of chosen teams and paddlers. Simply choose your athlete or team from the list of registered competitors, donate generously, and “make every second count” in the fight against cancer in British Columbia.

CLICK HERE for the BC Cancer Foundation campaign page

Fundraising deadline for each event
To help teams gain an advantage during the special race at each event, donations must be made by each of the following deadlines.

Gorge Super Sprints: Donate by May 13
Comox Dragon Boat Festival: Donate by June 10
Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival: Donate by July 8
Vancouver Island International Dragon Boat Festival:
 Donate by August 4
Guts-&-Glory Championships:
 Donate by September 16

Event Questions / More Info:

Questions: race@fgpaddle.com
More information: islandraceseries.ca

Participants are encouraged to follow current health and safety protocols as specified by the B.C. Health Authority.