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New Outrigger Paddles available at Waterfront Outfitters

Paddling blades

We’ve got a new shipment of outrigger paddles and steering blades at FGPC’s Waterfront Outfitters. 

Here are a few of their features:

  • Mekana: Specially designed for female paddlers. 
  • Nehu: The lure of the Nehu is its thin, sleek blade. It enters the water with stealth and power.
  • Hoku: Now has updated features all around; a larger blade, a slimmer shaft, and an enhanced Ergo-T top.

Steering blades

Ready to take outrigger steering to the next level? Waterfront Outfitters has two styles of steering blades available now. 

  • Biscuit steering blade: It’s a light, strong composite hybrid that goes the distance.
  • Hawaiki steering blade: Kialoa’s take on the Tahitian Steering paddle. It’s the most versatile outrigger steering paddle in their line.